Practice Areas: Public Affairs & Government Relations

The Public Affairs & Government Relations Group provides our clients with a much-needed intermediary with the Romanian government to insure the co-mingling of a successful business plan and a successful overall transaction. The Group draws upon the expertise of our public affairs analysts, as well as the collective experience of attorneys from the Firm's antitrust (competition), international law & trade, corporate & securities, taxation, infrastructure redevelopment & project finance and litigation sections. Members of the Group advise clients on government relations, public policy strategies, implementation programs and administrative and legislative regulations.

Clients with experience in Eastern Europe know that expert legal counsel is only one aspect, albeit a crucial one, that assures success. No matter how large the client, or how much confidence it may have in its own networking capabilities, it would never enter a Western market without public affairs support. Eastern Europe is no different. Just as major multinationals employ "Washington firms" to guide them through the labyrinth of administrative and legislative regulations in the United States, similar guidance and support is required in Eastern Europe. Within the region, Romania is the quintessential example of a country littered with failed multinational transactions for lack of seasoned, scrupulous and principled public affairs counsel.

We cannot overemphasize the need in Romania to continually "follow-up" with all levels of governmental authorities upon the corporate efforts undertaken by senior management. Simply put, it is never enough to hold a high-level meeting in Romania without appropriate and continuous "follow-up" to secure the client's desired goals.

In evaluating alternative regulatory and legislative options, providing legislative and ministerial contacts, developing and implementing advocacy programs and establishing coalitions, RMDT's public affairs experts have taken a leading role in tailoring public affairs strategies and government relations to ensure the success of foreign entities in Romania. For example, Mark A. Meyer, Esq., Chairman of the Central and Eastern European Practice Group, has received the prestigious Libertatea Award as one of the ten most significant international people committed to the betterment of Romania. For twelve years, Mr. Meyer has been acknowledged as a leading Western expert in legal, economic and political issues involving Romania. He authors numerous articles on such subjects and hosts a television program broadcast both in the United States and Romania. During his fourteen years of practice in Romania, Mr. Meyer has successfully handled some of the most controversial and high profile transactions with precise and efficient representation. He has been Co-Chairman of former President Emil Constantinescu's Blue-Ribbon Presidential Commission on Tax Reform and a Special Advisor for Legal & Economic Matters to President Ion Iliescu. In addition, Mr. Meyer leads a team of experienced professionals which includes Ms. Lia Trandafir, who was the chief spokesperson in the successful campaigns of Victor Ciorbea for Mayor of Bucharest and Emil Constantinescu for President of Romania, and State Counselor to Prime Minister Victor Ciorbea, before joining the H&R team. Ms. Trandafir first gained national prominence as a print and television journalist, and is well respected by all members of government for her insights into the intricacies of governmental policy-making and invaluable representation of RMDT clients.