Practice Areas: Mergers & Acquisitions

Functioning across the spectrum of negotiated and contested transactions, the Mergers & Acquisitions Group has substantial experience in areas including advance preparation for target companies, issues of corporate governance control and transfer, asset sales and purchases, share sales and purchases, mergers, joint ventures and recapitalizations.

Our attorneys employ their tested knowledge of strategies and tactics to provide immediate, crucial and effective advice to clients, including corporate buyers and sellers, merchant banks, commercial banks, investment banks and institutional investors. Since many M&A matters require time-sensitive inputs and supports from various groups within the firm, our M&A practice relies heavily on the hallmark of RMDT - diversified practice groups efficiently streamlined and coordinated to provide our clients with maximum leverage and advantage.

Participating in this dynamic management of issues, controversies and transactions are attorneys from our antitrust (competition), banking & financial services, corporate & securities, intellectual property, international law & trade, public affairs & government relations, infrastructure redevelopment & project finance, privatization, real estate, employment and litigation sections. As lead counsel in the largest Romanian M&A transactions, the group serves as the nerve center for RMDT operations. Indeed, our attorneys have industry-specific knowledge that allows them to provide our clients with insightful and tested advice on the workings of all aspects dealing with industries such as oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, metal, steel, petrochemicals, telecommunications, information technology, insurance, retail, utilities, energy, agriculture and banking.

In coordinating international, regional, national and local transactions, RMDT attorneys have counseled clients in, among many other transactions:
  • the largest acquisition in Romanian history - OTE's acquisition of the controlling interest in RomTelecom;
  • the acquisition of the largest oil refinery in Romania;
  • the purchase of a half billion dollar automotive manufacturing business; and
  • the privatization of the largest metals plant in Romania.
  • We have further advised clients in:
  • the acquisition of the largest steel plant thus far offered for privatization;
  • the privatization of Petrom, the state oil company;
  • the sale of the largest automotive parts manufacturer; and
  • the sale of one of the largest cement manufacturers in Romania.
Our attorneys have also provided invaluable counseling in, to name but a few, the acquisitions of Romanian petrochemical plants, tire producers, farm machinery manufacturers, cable manufacturers, telecommunication operators, packaging plants and pharmaceuticals.

Though many of our transactions would be considered large-scale by most standards, improving on today's business climate of agile and lean competitors, we have assisted our clients in smaller transactions, representing strategic acquisitions of core businesses and the selling-off of peripheral businesses. Additionally, our attorneys closely monitor the effectiveness of all transactions before, during and after the deal has been consummated. As a continuing aspect of today's M&A activity, our attorneys often counsel clients on the best methods for refocusing value through corporate restructurings, spin-offs, divestitures, reverse mergers and other noteworthy techniques. Creating value within a company also requires our attorneys to provide advice to our clients on other crucial elements such as corporate governance, including directors' duties and responsibilities, executive compensation packages, change-in-control arrangements, shareholder meetings and by-law provisions.