Practice Areas: Construction and Procurement Law

RMDT's construction and procurement law practice for leading international and Romanian construction companies, owners, developers, construction lenders, construction managers, subcontractors, vendors, architects, and engineers involves virtually all phases of the construction process. RMDT’s representation extends from the beginning of a project through its conclusion, from the negotiation of contracts and the preparation of bids, to the resolution of construction disputes. RMDT attorneys regularly assist in project administration, job close-outs and settlement, and privatization matters, and we have experience in most forms of construction litigation including arbitration. We provide a full range of services with respect to government contracts, including bid protests.

RMDT's construction practice is built on years of experience in the industry in which we have participated as counsel in projects as diverse as the construction of Romania’s largest office building to date, its largest private hospital, and the reconstruction of Romanian military bases to meet NATO requirements.

Our construction and procurement attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the law and extensive experience with construction defect claims, extra work claims, delay and disruption claims, acceleration claims, and claims for lost labor and equipment productivity. We have a thorough understanding of how to calculate extended project costs so that we can assist our clients in recovering monies lost on a delayed project. We have experience addressing design defects, cardinal changes, commercial impracticability, differing site conditions, access problems, over-zealous inspectors, structural failures, rejection of nonconforming work, terminations, payment and performance bonds, performance guarantees, liquidated damages, and warranties.

When our clients need legal advice or practical guidance concerning any aspect of a construction project, we are prepared to help. When litigation cannot be avoided, we have prevailed in arbitrations throughout Europe and in contested litigations in the courts of Romania up the nation’s highest court.

RMDT offers much more than expertise in construction and procurement law. Indeed, one reason that we consistently fulfill our clients' needs is our ability to rely on other RMDT attorneys who are experienced in handling the many diverse challenges that confront the construction industry, including taxation issues, project finance issues, environmental regulations, bankruptcy issues, intellectual property rights, real estate transactions, and governmental agency relations.