Attorneys: Meet our Staff

RMDT, a Romanian professional corporation, is the affiliate of Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C., a Wall Street-based law firm which has affiliated offices in New Jersey, Florida, California, Germany and Romania. In addition, Herzfeld & Rubin has a unique cooperation agreement with Israel's largest law firm, Balter Guth Aloni & Co., which includes the placement of Israeli lawyers in Herzfeld & Rubin offices. RMDT employs a staff of approximately thirty lawyers, paralegals, translators and support personnel in the Bucharest Office. All attorneys associated with the firm are members of the Bucharest Bar.

To best serve the needs of an ever increasing number of international clients, Herzfeld & Rubin has created a unique CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN PRACTICE GROUP. The Practice Group is comprised of Herzfeld & Rubin, RMDT and Balter Guth Aloni & Co., attorneys who are admitted to practice in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel and Romania. Using state-of-the-art communication systems, the Practice Group integrates the skills and services of native European lawyers located permanently in Central and Eastern Europe with those of internationally renowned American attorneys specializing in European business. The attorneys and staff of the Practice Group are fluent in several languages, including English, Italian, French, Hungarian, and Romanian. Information concerning members of our professional corporation can be found on this website.

   We'd like to introduce you to the Group attorneys