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Ioan Baciu

Address: Rubin Meyer Doru & Trandafir
Str. Putul cu Plopi, Nr. 7, Sectorul 1,
Bucharest , Romania
Phone: (+40) 21 311-1460
Fax: (+40) 21 311-1465

Mr. Baciu graduated from the University of Bucharest, School of Law, in 1999, and was admitted to the Bacau Bar in 2000. Mr. Baciuís other educational experience includes post-graduate courses in Private Law from the University of Bucharest (2001 and 2012), in International Finance from the Romanian Banking Institute (2005) and in Money Laundering Prevention and Sanction from the National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering (2012).

Mr. Baciu has also participated in numerous international conferences and seminars on the reform and the modernisation of EU public procurement, strategic procurement and SMEs, e-procurement, green, social and sustainable procurement, probity and corruption in public procurement, procurement partnerships, service concessions, SGEs, redress of public procurement contracts and remedies in public procurement etc., as organized by ERA Academy of European Law in Trier, Germany or the European Commission in Brussels and Bucharest etc., being awarded diplomas and certificates of proficiency. Since 2011, Mr. Baciu holds a Public Procurement Expert diploma.

Mr. Baciu is commended by a fourteen-year expertise, which covers both national and EU procurement law and practice. In this capacity he has counseled on a regular basis major foreign investors in connection with the implementation of certain highly important public procurement and/or PPP projects, including the representation thereof during the relevant procedures, as well as the assistance thereof with respect to the negotiation and the performance of the appropriate public procurement agreements, concession contracts, public-private partnerships, etc., some involving certain fairly complex Phare, Schengen, Structural Funds / Community Progammes, USTDA/BERD, World Bank or other public or private funding schemes. He has also represented and advised numerous clients during the negotiation, the conclusion and the delivery of a broad range of offset agreements as required under the relevant public procurement contracts concluded by the same in the field of national defense, public order and national security, some of the proposed solutions resulting in a shift in the customary practice of the Romanian Authority for Offsetting Special Technique Procurements.

Since 2014, Mr. Baciu is also a member of the European Commission Stakeholder Expert Group on Public Procurement and, in this capacity, he provides the European Commission with high quality legal, economic, technical and practical insights and expertise with a view to assisting it in shaping the public procurement policy of the Union, but also prepares reports, presentations and memoranda and issues studies, opinions and proposals with the specific purpose to help the European Commission in developing and implementing Unionís policy and legislation on public procurement. He is constantly involved in the preparation of legal and economic analysis and comments on important developments or structural trends of public procurement and their implications for the Union policy framework, and also provides feedback to the Commission on the challenges and developments in specific sectors which may require public procurement response, proposing adequate solutions. Finally, he provides input in the framework of preparatory legislative work of the Commission in the field of public procurement and assists the Commission in analyzing the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Building on his expertise in this field, Mr. Baciu is a constant contributor to the legal press and journals. Mr. Baciu is also a country correspondent for the European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review Ė EPPPL, Berlin and has been invited by the World Bank Group or the European Commission to participate in the drafting of several surveys and reports on public procurement.

Mr. Baciu also specializes in vertical settlements and distribution schemes, EU financing, privatizations, real estate, IP & trademarks etc. He was actively involved in the elaboration and the implementation of several noteworthy projects in the field of European integration, health, environment, culture, media, tourism, IT and local public utilities and public road networks development financed by the ERDF, ESF and/or CF as well as via other specific financing schemes offered under the Youth in Action, Culture and Health Community Programmes or supported by certain state aid / de minimis schemes. Mr. Baciu was also involved in a significant number of highly complex transactions and has substantial experience in counselling clients on real estate project development, real estate investment funds, real estate financing, asset-based lending and asset securitization, intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks and copyrights, or in connection with the set-up and the implementation of human cells collection and export networks, as well as with the procurement, processing, testing, storage, distribution and import/export of umbilical cord and cord blood material and the set-up, organization and functioning of several stem-cell banks in Romania. In addition, Mr. Baciu regularly counsels foreign investors in transactions such as consortium agreements, joint ventures, M&A, takeovers and debt restructuring, as well as transactions involving Romanian public authorities.

Since Mr. Baciu joined our firm in 2005, he has been representing and advising some of the foremost companies in their fields of activity such as global communications, oil and gas, electricity generation and sale, petrochemicals and oilfield service industries, in the dynamically developing market of environmental protection and water and waste treatment, solid waste treatment, renewable energy production and urban environment upgrade, as well as in banking and capital market, drugs production and distribution or tire manufacturing etc..

In addition to his native Romanian, Mr. Baciu practices in English and French.